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Welcome to Ensoma Bodyworks and Pain Free Living. Marty Kestin has been facilitating Pain Free living for 27 years and is also a purveyor of hight tech life changing and at times life saving technologies including an electro-lymphatic machine, PEMF and micro current devices, virus killing air scrubbers and more. Please refer to the “PEMF” page to learn more about Pulsed Electromagnetic and Microcurrent devices.

Marty is still a hands on Therapist using detective reasoning and a wide array of skills to address chronic and hard to treat pain cases. Please see the “about” page to learn more about Pain Free Living and see below for the immune system technology.

Below are immune system boosting, viral protection and end inflammation technologies.

The XP2 Electro-Lymphatic Therapy Device: Powerful immune system booster and prevent and reduce viral load and end inflammation.

The XP2 can provide 8-10 manual lymphatic therapy sessions in 45 minutes.

70 % of your immune system is superficial while 30 % is deep and that 30 % is responsible for 70% of your immune system’s health.

The XP2 penetrates 6 inches accessing this deep lymphatic system enabling a deeper cleansing, detoxing, and improved health of your lymphatic, immune systems, and can boost overall health and is excellent on healing acute injuries.

The Vollara Air & Surface Pro for home and offices: Kills covid on contact!

The Vollara Fresh Air Mobile:

Active Air personal (Hangs like a necklace)

HOW ACTIVEPURE┬« WORKS Video: It’s also excellent for asthma and allergies!

Studies prove active pure technologies kill and remove corona viruses, bacteria and mold.

E.R. Physician discussing the surface air pro technology.

Huge data crunch analysis masking does NOT work for prevention of spread of corona viruses

More evidence masks don’t work. The author has been slandered for not following the fear based mongering narrative.

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