Posted by: ensomabodyworks | February 19, 2010

Repetitive Strain Injuries and the Computer Professionals….Its NOT Carpel Tunnel Syndrome! What is really going on in your arm and hand And what you can do to get out of pain

Dear readers,

If you have or know some one with arm or hand pain from their job please comment on your experience and ask your friend to do so as well.  I will be posting a full Blog on causes and solutions to Repetitive Strain type injuries next week that will not want to be missed by chronic pain sufferers and all computer users looking to stay out of pain.

Post a thoughtful reply on our  “Pain Free Living” fan page at face book or here at the blog and be in the drawing to win a free on site ergonomic workstation consult!

Announcement of sweepstakes to come as well!

Here is an exerpt from upcoming blog:

“Chances are if you work at a PC all day and have pain, discomfort, weakness, or “nerve” like sensations in your forearm, wrist or fingers its not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).   CTS (which is median nerve impingement in the wrist) has been grossly over diagnosed whenever a patient goes to the doctor and reports symptoms of wrist and hand numbness, pain or tingling and daily computer use.

However CTS is one of a dozen or so soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries that can afflict the modern office worker. Computer professionals are susceptible to a specific kind of soft tissue injury called a (CTD) or Cumulative Trauma Disorders – A.K.A. (RSI) or Repetitive Strain Injury.   CTD /RSI is the result of a computer professional performing thousands of tiny repetitions day in, day out with static muscle overload (holding arms and wrists in same position all day) and the lack of recover time between work periods.

Splints, injections, anti – inflammatories, stretching and strengthening the arm and  wrist is futile and adding insult to injury. Regardless of the diagnosis  , RSI, CTS,  tendonitis, etc) you have massive soft tissue damage and inflammation needing appropriate soft tissue therapy and rest.

Cannot wait for the blog?  Contact ensoma bodyworks for more info now and get the book “It’s not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professionals,” by Jack Bellis and Suparna  Damany.

Marty Kestin, BS, MSW, LMBT, Posture Coach

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