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Darth Vader Was A Yogi…..Really

If you can consciously control your breath you can drastically improve your health. In my private practice almost all new clients with chronic pain, discomfort or anxiety do not breathe well or consciously. Breathing techniques, practiced regularly are now well documented
and validated by science to ease physical pain, anxiety and improve wellbeing. One specific health promoting breathing practice used by Yogis for centuries, called Ujjayi breathing, was made famous by the evil Lord Darth Vader in the Star War series….Really!

Yes Darth was a master of evil and spent most of his adult life murdering innocents, forcing conversions, and leaving most places he visited with a legion of storm troopers and the locals with a general feeling of malaise and dread. However, he was also a master of breath control. All those occult powers he used to his evil advantage was due largely to his mastery over the “force” or “prana,” after years of Jedi breath training.

That asthmatic sounding breath he is famous for…is akin to the sound you make when doing “Ujjayi” or “ocean” breathing. My clients who undertake an Ujjayi breathing practice report falling asleep faster, have less pain, and get rid of the pain condition faster then those who do not practice breathing regularly. Ujjayi breathing helps train the breath to be slower, fuller and more relaxed. It also warms the body and blood and practiced daily for at least 15 minutes will lower blood pressure and anxiety.

How to do ocean breathing:

  • Ideally you are sitting with a straight spine and can practice it for 5-30 minutes. But in reality you can do it anywhere, even in your car on your way to work for health benefits.
  • As you inhale and exhale very slowly through your nose think about closing off the very back of your throat. (You will either get this right away or it will take some time and effort). It feels like you are putting a slight pressure around the Adams apple area. It should not be forced, painful or feel really awkward – just different.

We non Jedi’s have the same ability to practice developing and controlling our breathe to elevate our physical and emotional health. Please use this power only for good…not evil!

To be sure you are doing this correctly talk to your local Yoga instructor or contact me via phone or email: • 704.335.8115 •

Marty Kestin, BS, MSW, LMBT has a myofascial pain and Neuromuscular Therapy  private  and has been helping people out of pain and into vibrant lifestyles for 15 years.

This Blog was edited by by Katie Matson, Professional Coach extraordinaire.


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