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Posture and Relaxation Breaks (at work) Validated to Ease Pain With New Research!

  • In short researchers found that doing  relaxation and posture exercises  every 2-3 hours in conjunction with at home  relaxation techniques dramatically reduced office worker neck, shoulder, headache  pain, anxiety and reduced the need for pain

    Here is the researchWiley-Blackwell (2008, May 15). Office Initiative Reduces Headaches And Neck And Shoulder Pain By More Than 40 Percent. ScienceDaily.

What you can do to reduce your pain and discomfort
at work right now?

Revisit the Blog, “5 steps to better posture” at the bottom of this page and focus on Step 2 (included here)

  • Micro breaking (2-5 minute breaks, every 30-45 minutes) entails walking, stretching or any movement at your work station that does not involve “work.” I.E. – Do some shoulder stretches, seated chair twists, stretch arms, wrists and fingers, or walk around the office – all with deep breathing.  Also close your eyes for a minute or two to rest them. They don’t like staring at a pc screen!
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