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Learning to Listen to Your Body

Pain and stress is the #2 reason for doctor visits and prescriptions the #1 response.  My locker room pals talk about shoulder, hip and knee surgeries as if they were discussing the weather.  Many of us have a chronic back, knee and joint pain. This is the norm but do you think it’s normal?

Why do we have so much pain in the first place?

  • Not enough exercise.
  • Too much stress that is slowly hurting and killing us.
  • We don’t listen to our bodies’ cries for help. Pain and aches are our bodies’ way of saying, “pay attention!”

If I told you an easy means to prevent pill popping, future joint issues, and how to get rid of that chronic back pain (and win a free massage would you try two simple habits?

The “Listen to your body” solution.

Step 1: Take 15-30 minutes of quiet time (on your back) and ask your body what it needs.  It will tell you quite clearly once the chatter of mind and ego calms down.
Five minutes of deep breathing will facilitates this process.

Step 2: Follow through on the answer. (Go for a nightly walk, begin that meditation practice, get more sleep, eat healthier, exercise more, and some of us will hear, “R-E-L-A-X   M-O-R-E!”

I said it – the five letter word that we have no time for. Stress hates good food and exercise but can’t stand someone who is relaxed.  Relaxation creates the relaxation response in the body and reverses the negative affects of stress.

The relaxation response is easily created through slow moving or still mind body disciplines such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong, or a regular breathing practice. Fast moving exercise is fine  as long as you take time after to lie down, breath deep and RELAX for 15 – 30 minutes. Why?

Going from work to the gym only perpetuates the stress response if you do not take the time induce the relaxation response afterwards. Unless you are lucky enough to get 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, all that go-go-go will add up to more bad stress on your body.

Now that free massage: Try this listening solution with your new habit for two weeks and then E mail Marty your story of success. The winner will be chosen randomly.

To learn more about beginning or enhancing your relaxation practice talk to your health and wellness pro and contact Marty today at 704.335.8115 Marty has been teaching his clients to relax for healthier pain free living for over 10 years.


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