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Why I Like Anusara Yoga

Most health and fitness professionals would agree that better posture and physical alignment results in less pain and improved health. In my private neuromuscular practice I improve clients’ posture with a unique postural program.  When I am asked by a client what they should do to maintain their posture and alignment once we are done I usually say “continue what you have learned and try Anusara Yoga”

Why?  A few reasons:

  • The postural program I use is purely physical and a great place to start for people with pain and orthopaedic issues. Yoga however is a body / mind practice that will take the person to another level of health once the immediate pain and issue is alleviated.
  • Any exercise is good exercise as long as it does not hurt you. But are you improving posture and alignment in the process? Yoga not only will improve posture but fosters self awareness and induces the relaxation response which is very important in today’s stressful society.
  • The needs of the body and mind are nourished in many yoga styles but Anusara Yoga has an elegant set of alignment principles and a methodology of instruction that releases the natural form of the body and elevates the spirit.

What is this natural form?
Think of the most graceful moving person you have ever seen: She walks smoothly, stands erect, has little to no pain and her body does what is asked of it without discomfort.

Most joint problems and pain begin when the body does not get enough sufficient and functional movement leading to muscle dysfunction and joint misalignment. Anusara Yoga corrects these misalignments and dysfunctions and so much more. As we know ill health (even orthopaedic problems) have more than just a physical cause and Anusara Yoga will help heal and align you physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

There are two Anusara Studios in the Charlotte / LKN area.  Email me or just look up The Bindu in Cornelius and Sangati Healing Arts in Charlotte.

Marty Kestin, 704.335.811,,

Edited by Coach Katie Matson – the Best!


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