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Commitment – Why changing habits can be hard.

In my last blog, I talked about Grief and Chronic Pain and the four emotions one needs to go through in order to be happy and well -adjusted with a chronic illness or a life changing injury.

One of those energies is “bargaining.” It’s the one I see most with clients who continually struggle to change their habits in order to undo the bodily damage their current habits have created.

Some of us have committed to changing for the better but continually do something  counterproductive to the change we want. One reason why we fail is an underlying energetic block, deficiency or imbalance in the chakra system.  Yes me, Mr. Muscle and Dr. Trigger point sees the body as more than just soft tissue.

Anodea Judith, in her workbook “Eastern Body Western Mind,” beautifully lays out the Chakra system. She presents each chakra’s purpose, symptoms of deficiency, excess and blockages and offers healing exercises to bring balance to the entire chakra system. She clearly compares psychological problems with the correlating chakra issue.

I have used this book in my own life with success and I recommend Anodea’s teachings for clients who are having trouble with commitment. Those that do the chakra healing work slowly become more resilient in their commitments.

Anodea uses the example of a woman who desperately wants to lose weight but always fails in her commitments of new eating and exercising habits. Why? Unknowingly there is an unconscious emotion and specific chakra deficiency that sabotages her.

I think this explains why people “bargain” with lifestyle and habit changes.  Rationalizing why fast food is easier than prepping breakfast and not having enough time to get on the yoga mat 4 times a week may just be a chakra issue.

If you’re having trouble making some positive changes in your life, check out Anodea’s  website, explore the chakra system, buy a product and do some chakra work.  Self – defeating talk, negative patterns, lack of motivation and other roadblocks to success will begin to transform into positive self – talk with motivated, positive and constructive behavior.

Marty has been integrating chakra work into his bodywork practice successfully for the past 2 years.
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