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How to Fix a Pesty Piriformis Protocol – Steps One and Two

1:  See a skilled neuromuscular therapist.  (If you are an athlete you do not need to see a sports chiropractor trained in ART).  A skilled Neuromuscular Therapist knows how to “pin and stretch,”  muscle, A.K.A.  ART, and knows many more effective soft-tissue techniques.

2: Whether or not you have a professional working with you doing self-treatment is a must.                                  
See the picture here; the piriformis (directly above yellow sciatic nerve) is surrounded by other muscles above and below it.
Work them all by:

A:  Lying on your back with knees bent and feet on the ground and place ball on your outer hip (below the big hip bone and above the hip pointer bone). Now let the leg fall sideways to the ground.  You may need to turn on your side completely to get enough pressure.  If the pressure is too much take a folded towel and place under your thigh or low back (this decreases ball depth in the muscle).

B:  Feel for tightness or and pain.  Apply direct and sustained pressure, with deep breathing, that elicits pain of a 3-4 (on a scale of 1-10). Most people go too deep and agitate the muscle tissue. Remember by nature  trigger points are hyper irritable so
why make them angrier.

C: Hold pressure with deep breathing until pain or tightness begins to go down to a 1-2

D: Increase pressure so pain or tightness is back to a 4 – breathe deep-let muscle relax more.

E: Do this 2-5 times then move to another spot.  You will find many.  Then go back to previously worked spots.
(Treatment should take 5-10 minutes).

NOTE: you may also do “micro moving” over spots.  Move very slowly over a tiny area back and forth – this coaxes the tightened tissue to release.

3: Stretch as show here for 1-2 minutes X 2 and use 50-75%
of maximum stretch no more!                 

4: rebooting of hip flexion will be explored next blog. ”
Stay tuned and email me with questions or ah ha! Moments J



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