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Rebooting Hip Flexion to treat a Pathological Piriformis Muscle

Remember why we are rebooting hip flexion after doing trigger point therapy and stretching to treat the piriformis muscle?

A pathological piriformis is due to a psoas-piriformis imbalance or / and modern living. We sit around all day then ask our bodies to run or bike or do yoga with hip flexors that are not firing 100% while other muscles have kicked in to compensate.  The flexors need “rebooting.”

They can be tight, weak, strong, shortened or elongated but in all instances they are most likely not performing “hip flexion” as optimally as they should. You heard right… you can have a tight muscle that is weak or an elongated muscle that is strong and in both cases not functioning as it should be.  Its length has little to do with if it’s doing its job.

Here is an easy exercise to reboot hip flexion: As in photo sit on edge of chair with your hips rolled forward creating an arch in your back (do not use back muscles to arch back-roll your hips).  Place pillow, yoga block, or ball between knees (not too wide where knees are wider than hips). Visualize a string from your knee caps going up to the ceiling attached to a pulley.  On exhalation gently squeeze pillow and pull heels up and off the ground for two seconds then lower slowly.  You can place your fingers at the tops of your thighs near groin and perform the exercise. (If you feel contraction here and not in your calf muscles you are doing it correctly).

Another version is to place a yoga strap around your knees and press out rather than squeeze in. If you do both versions you will be stabilizing your hips by activating inner and outer hip stabilizing muscles.


Next blog will be the lynch pin for good and bad posture.  The Psoas – piriformis relationship.


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