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Save your shoulders! 6 Easy Things to Prevent or Fix a Bad Shoulder

Shoulder replacement is getting to be the norm but it’s far from normal (just like hip replacement). Plus I cannot tell you how many people I have seen in my office the past five years with shoulder diagnoses of “rotator cuff,” “arthritis,” ‘tendonitis,” ‘bursitis,” or  “impingement syndrome.”

The kicker is most of these shoulders drastically improved when their owners following my suggestions. (where drugs, medical procedures and sometimes Physical therapy could not)   These suggestions are easy to implement and perform and I call them the “6 steps to save your shoulders.”

Please note that chronic or acutely painful shoulder issues need in  therapy from a qualified Massage or Physical Therapist.  But  mild -moderate issues may be resolved without professional help.  Does your shoulders  feel great?  The six steps will help keep them that way.

Here they are in no order of importance.


  1. Get educated:  Most shoulder problems are muscle dysfunctions and imbalances that are easily treated.  Untreated they often result in the diagnosis’ above. So learn about treating the causes and the end result (diagnosis-goes away).   You can take my upcoming workshop on October 22nd at the Bindu.  Its short and sweet and you will walk away a new understanding of your shoulders and how to keep them healthy.


         2. Get moving: Modern living robs us of sufficient and functional motion.  If you are not doing daily exercise that gets your legs pumping, arms swinging, and torso turning you need to do more. Two great ways are Anusara yoga (or any yoga) or the Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion.  I like these two (Anusara and Egoscue) as they both have ways of aligning the body optimally and giving the body the needed motion it needs more so than other exercise programs (with the exception of a very good personal trainer or physical therapist).  I was trained at the Egoscue world headquarters.

         3. Learn to self – treat your muscle dysfunction and pain:  A great book on self- treating is, “The Frozen Shoulder Work Book, by Claire Davies.”  He will take you through step by step muscle treatment for the entire shoulder.   And again my workshop will cover this too. Pills, procedures, stretching and strengthening is the traditional method of treating shoulder problems. If you have done this and still have an issue why not try something   different and more comprehensive.

     4. Learn to relax: Chronic stress leads to chronically tight muscles leading to muscle imbalances and dysfunction leading to muscle and joint problems.  There are too many methods of “how to relax” to list here but I assure you if you integrate a relaxation method into your daily routine your overall shoulder issue will get better.  For some clients it’s the missing piece; they release the muscles with massage, then stretch and strengthen but their shoulders are back up at their ears in no time.  Why? They have not taught their body how to respond to stress (reeducate the stress-muscle tension response) hence the body goes back on autopilot rather than a new way of responding-with breathe, awareness and the releasing of muscle tension.

       5. Good nutrition and hydration: Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are living tissue constantly regenerating.  Feed them fruits, vegetables, minerals, fish, and lean meats.  Lay off the fried, fast and processed foods. Most of us do not get enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Try juicing or a whole  foods supplement like Juice Plus  to ensure good nutrition.

     6. Ergonomics and micro breaking.  I have talked about this before but its importance cannot be underestimated.  Sit at work with legs and arms at right angles and pc monitor at eye level while taking frequent breaks to stretch, twist, and walk around.

  Try this easy exercise for rebooting healthy shoulder movement and range of motion.  Do it daily 25-50 reps. 

And Please contact me for more info about the upcoming workshop

 “Reverse Overhead Presses”

  1.  Preparation: arms up in air, lightly squeeze shoulder blades together and pull the head of the arm bone back into the socket.
  2. Action: On exhalation take arms over head as far as you can without pain, inhale back to start.  Each motion should be 1-2 seconds.
  3. Modification: Place a yoga block or small ball between palms and lightly press as you raise and lower arms.
  4. Modification for pain at end of motion: Place a yoga block on floor so when you lower arms they do not go all the way to the floor.
  5. Focus: Throughout the entire down and up motion you are lightly squeezing shoulder blades while pulling the head of the arm bones back into the socket.




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