Posted by: ensomabodyworks | September 9, 2021

Proven Early Treatment of Covid Media is NOT Sharing

Since last March Physicians have been restoring patient’s health when they come down with covid in the Physician’s office or with a teledoc visit. There are numerous papers supporting this claim. Did you know you can teledoc with a Physician and get some of the best medications prophylactically and take this Fall and Winter or keep them on hand and wait until you have symptoms. You can see the most downloaded treatment and prevention protocols here and scroll down the document to see the diagram with supplements to take for prevention and treatment as well.

For some reason media and the government is NOT sharing this life saving information. Maybe to push the jab more? Who knows.

Please check out this practice for teledoc appointments and this one here in Huntersville; this doctor is amazing, and another here and America’s Frontline Doctors. Be sure to let them know I referred you.

Check out my home page for the magic Vollara Covid killing machine.


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