L.E.D. Therapy

L.E.D. devices have come along way and can now claim to be “stronger” than class 3B cold lasers. These devices improve circulation, provide pain relief and heal joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon tissue  through a process called “bio-stimulation”. Marty’s L.E.D. devices produce 600 jules of light energy per minute where many class 3b cold lasers only produce 6 jules per minute. The secrete of the L.E.D. power is that over time the penetration and absorbtion of the light into the body increases thus allowing for a deeper healing than cold lasers than have deeper penetration yer are SIGNIFICANTLY weaker.

 You can rent to buy at affordable prices!


● PAIN RELIEF -desensitizes nociceptors and addresses central and peripheral sensitization and allodynia

● Promotes healing by increasing protein synthesis via increased ATP production

● Increased blood flow in the microcirculation

● Bio-stimulation, including increased cellular metabolism

● Improved blood flow via vasodilation

● Analgesic effect by desensitizing peripheral nociceptors

● Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema

● Stimulation of wound healing

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