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To Register or ask questions e-mail Marty or call him at 704-335-8115


  • Marty brings workshops to all kinds of professionals including Massage and Physical Therapists; Yoga and Pilates professionals, medical professionals and the corporate world.
  • All workshops are geared at problem solving the number one problem in America: Pain, as the “Yearly Costs of Chronic Pain Exceed Those of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes” (1)
  1. Darrell J. Gaskin, Patrick Richard. The Economic Costs of Pain in the United States. The Journal of Pain, 2012; 13 (8): 715 DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2012.03.009


Dear Marty,
I am so glad I took your class…you know I wish that massage schools would teach a little more like you.  I feel that they throw too many muscles at you all at once, and you know how to find them on paper but not in real life.  I really liked your approach of working with just a handful of key muscles but knowing everything about them.  I’ve been wanting to take a class like this for years and I’m so happy I finally did. Jill, September, 2016

Hi Marty!
Here’s a testimonial for you :
“I am so pleased with my decision to take Marty’s weekend continuing education course “Manual and Movement Therapies for Myofasical Pain and Dysfunction”. After 9 years as a massage therapist, I’ve found many courses to be so repetitive, and quite frankly, boring!  But Marty was absolutely amazing!  He is so full of knowledge, he clearly keeps up with the latest research, and is so passionate about what he does. He is the type of instructor that I could listen to all day and soak up everything he has to say, and never get bored. Not only that, but he keeps his class size small which allows for plenty of personal interaction and hands on time. He answers questions in detail and tops it off with references at the ready. He has inspired me to look at massage work in a new light, to do even more research, and try new techniques. I look forward to taking future classes from Marty, and highly encourage other therapists to do so as well! You will not be disappointed.”

   Postural, Manual & Movement Therapies  for  Orthopedic Conditions & Chronic Pain:  “Secrets of the neck and shoulders” and “Balancing the hips and low back.”

  • CU Hours: 8 or 16: Saturday April 14th & Sunday April 15th  9-6
  • Presenter: Marty Kestin, BS, MSW, LMBT # 5316: NCBTMB # 450901-08
  • 12 person maximum size class.
  • “In order to address the content (pain, dysfunction, poor posture) we must first understand the context (why?) from a multidimensional understanding”
  • Enhance you postural and functional assessment skills.
  • Learn unique & simple postural &movement self-care solutions for clients & therapists.
  • Does the pain / muscle / myofascial science research matter? How? Why? 
  • Engage your peers in a palpation lab that will enhance your skill set and sensitivity.
  • Marty will share his 22 years of training and experience incorporating the Egoscue Method, Feldenkrais, trigger point, myofascial and neuromuscular therapies and most importantly problem solving skills. 
  • A great class not only “adding tools to tool box” but to expand  knowledge and skill!____________________________________________________

Hi Marty,

I just wanted to pass along a note that I received from a client who I’ve been working with for a while. She gave me this the day after our first session using the Ensoma Method:  “5 Physical Therapists, 3 Chiropractors, Over 80 P/T sessions…All combined did not touch what you did with last night’s session. No pain getting up this morning. No pain after swimming. Seriously, Thank you”

 Lorraine S., CMT

In the 23 years I have been a massage therapist, I have to tell you Marty Kestin has quickly risen to first place as my favorite instructor.  Marty has a gift for making learning fun and easy to grasp. He is well informed, articulate and funny with a genuine passion for what he does. When Marty holds a continuing education class/weekend it is not difficult for me to get other therapists to join me. There is a rhythm and energy created between Marty and a class that is akin to a dance that transfers to the work on the table by class participants.
Lynn Midkiff LMBT, NCTMB

I’ve known Marty for a couple of years now and I have personally taken 3 of his CEU courses and found them to be informative, well taught, with equal time for hand on training and lecture.  Marty is a personable fellow and easy going.  Responsible and prepared.  He taught on of the courses I took here at my massage clinic, Lkn Massage,  and did a great job.  I think you will be happy with him.

Bob Weir,MMP,CKTP, LMBT #3040
Best teacher I’ve taken from!! He’s a very smart guy!!     Xanie Adams  Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi Marty,
I really enjoyed your class and thought your demo’s were pretty clear.  I’d definitely like to be kept in the loop about your other classes. I’ve already started using some of the techniques you taught us. Last Monday, one of my new clients made this exclamation, “Wow!” and I asked him what that meant. He said he felt that we’d just had a breakthrough and that’d he’d never experienced that before. The pin and stretch and had improved the range of motion in his left arm. It was pretty cool. I used that technique with a few other clients and all of them were pretty impressed and pleased, even if it had felt a little bit intense for them at first. So, thank you again for your instruction! Looking forward to more!  Pamela Moyer

I attended Marty’s Secrets of the Neck and Shoulders at a seminar in Charlottesville, VA, and I could confidently state that you will have fun learning in a fun yet grounded class that leaves you with a few new techniques in your massage toolbox and ideas that will challenge you continually to explore the wonders of our human body.
Faith M. Coppola C.M.T Northern VA

(NCBTMB Approved Provider #450901-08)

Marty can be reached at 704.335.8115 or

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