Public Workshops

Marty’s workshops are geared to educated anyone interested in learning how to get out of pain using simple self-care solutions and thinking outside the box and getting away from thinking and behavior that may have contributed to the pain.

Did you know that,

The “Yearly Costs of Chronic Pain Exceed Those of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes” (1)

  1. Darrell J. Gaskin, Patrick Richard. The Economic Costs of Pain in the United States. The Journal of Pain, 2012; 13 (8): 715 DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2012.03.009

And what is the typical response?  NSAIDS, opiates and other drugs.

Is your PT or MT or acupuncturist or some other non-professional service helping yet not enough or not at all?  These workshops maybe for you.

If what you are doing is not eliminating your pain or preventing strain and injuries, why not explore outside that box? 

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury prevention at work and home.
  • Pain – Free at your workstation  (Ergonomics and strategies to decrease workplace stress)
  • Functional Strength and Performance Enhancement (
  • Meditation
  • “Conscious Movement” – a movement game to release physical and emotional stress stored in the body and increase ease of movement and well-being.

Need a speaker at your office or organization?  Marty has spoken at Dental offices, law firms and many health and fitness organizations to enhance employee performance and reduce individual physical and psychological stress.

One example of a workshop is “Beyond Foam Rolling: Understanding and self-treating muscle, joint and chronic pain”


  • Learn how to prevent and address by yourself:
    + Shoulder problems
    + painful joints
    + neck, back, hip and knee issues
    + Improve your Pilates, Yoga and personal performance.
  • Appreciate & learn that muscle dysfunction can create an enormous amount of pain, restrict ROM and generate discomfort and fatigue.

    : Interactive lecture, experiential movement exercises, passive and active postures and exercises, self-applied neuromuscular therapy, strategic discussion with participants on their specific injuries or issues.
    To Host / register: Call or email Marty at 704-335-8115 or
    FOR WORKSHOP QUESTIONS:  E-mail Marty: or 704.335.8115

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