Marty has helped me more than any other therapist or doctor I have seen.   His knowledge of the body and use of state-of-the-art therapies has enabled me to get my life back.   Studio work is paired with self-help techniques so I can continue my healing path at home.  I am so glad to have found this amazing therapist!

Various M.D.’s suggested Lyrica, Gabapentin, Duloxetin, each of these having unpleasant side effects. After working with Marty for a few months I am no longer on any prescription drugs for pain.
Margie W.

Marty Kestin is God sent, I had issues with both shoulders and my right knee and went to four orthopedic doctors, a pain management doctor and two chiropractors and none could diagnosis my problem, my kidney doctor informally referred me to Marty who had treated her elbow, and within 5 minutes he diagnosed my problems and started treating me and within a month I was 80% better and now am working to strengthen my core muscles and also the muscles weakened by atrophy. Marty knows the human body better than any doctor, or physical therapists who have treated me. I highly recommend Marty for any issues you are experiencing, and consulting Marty for a second opinion if you’re not satisfied with current diagnosis….Tim Carswell

If you are lucky enough to have found Marty and Ensoma Bodyworks, congratulations!  I have been regularly coming in for over a year and his work and tools are so good – I see improvements right away. Also, Marty is extremely knowledgeable about the body and systematic health.  Whatever you are coming in for, you will leave with so much more – advice, knowledge, referrals, supplement recommendations – that will be key to improving your health.  He is also extremely kind and truly cares about your well being.  I can’t recommend Marty enough!

 “I have been so pleased with Marty Kestin.  He is very concerned about his patients and wants to give them his very best, which he does.  Spends extra time with you than is allotted.
I had terrible pain in my hip and back area, went to Pain Clinic and didn’t seem to fix the problem.  Went to Dr. Nielson my nephrologies for another problem and he told me about Marty and I couldn’t believe the results the first time.  I have been going  now since February 24 every week and now March 23 he is giving me homework to do at home and I have NO pain, but I will go back for maintenance.  I couldn’t be happier with what Marty Kestin has done for me.  I would recommend him to anyone and I have.  My husband is going to him every week for shoulder problem. Betty Wyatt

“Marty Kestin provides an excellent service for healing and recovery.   I was introduced to Marty by my Physical Therapist after an emergency surgery for a ruptured disc.  The amount of inflammation and muscular pain after my surgery was not subsiding and with 3 high risk discs, my Physical Therapist prescribed massage.  Marty’s strong knowledge about the body and healing  allowed him to work on me and reduce the inflammation and pain.  Marty provides healing through massage, but adds an extra layer of healing through his words of encouragement and his pain reduction exercises he shared with me to take home.  I appreciate Marty’s professionalism and healing spirit and would highly recommend him to anyone.  He is excellent and would not go to any other Massage Therapist. – M. Johnson, client since 2009.

“I would recommend Mary Kestin without reservation. I had a long history of shoulder problems before my latest injury. A doctor friend recommended Marty, feeling my problem was likely muscular. What I liked most was that Marty not only brought some immediate relief from the pain, who showed me steps I could take on my own to continue to improve. His goal was clearly recovery, not life-long dependency on his treatments.” John L.

“I am a potter who had a very painful shoulder joint due to the stressors of effort at the wheel and age. Not only did Marty totally eliminate the pain, my shoulder is back to its normal strength and flexibility.” Rick Crown

“My shoulder pain had gotten to the point where I was ready to explore surgical options, when I learned about Marty. Not only did he treat the pain right away through massage, he gave me detailed self-care instructions that put me in control of my own healing. Marty also taught me about the muscles that support the shoulder joint and explained which of mine were in need of therapy. Today my shoulder feels great. And I am grateful that I never had to go under the knife.” October, 2015 Grey Dyer

“Marty’s knowledge and therapy is far superior to what I was getting at Ortho Carolina.Pain free after two rotator cuff surgeries.Thanks Marty” Bill Herrington

I was referred to Marty by my orthopedic surgeon after exhausting every effort to relieve chronic pain in my back, hip, calves and feet. Through working with Marty and following the self-care plan he developed for me, I finally found relief and feel like myself again. Marty is truly a pain expert. Charlotte F.

“My wife and I have been working with Marty Kestin for over five years and were originally referred to him by a Charlotte palates instructor.  Marty has greatly helped us with some specific issues, including neck related range-of-motion (both), shoulder tension (both), rotator cuff issues (me), upper and mid-back muscular stiffness (me), and recovery from a knee replacement (me).  In addition, Marty has also assisted us with general body/muscle conditioning and maintenance which has enhanced our overall well-being.  I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Marty to anyone who may feel the need of general physical conditioning or assistance with a specific condition that may need to be addressed by a very well qualified professional.  In addition, we have thoroughly enjoyed Marty as a personality and find his demeanor to be very pleasant and engaging.” 11/2015 Walker Lockett

As a physician, I was a skeptic, but I was experiencing such terrible tension headaches that I gave Marty Kestin of Ensoma Body Works a try, and I’m SO glad I did. With trigger point work by Marty, and Egoscue exercises (and better posture), the headaches were soon banished. Then I developed plantar fasciitis, and he helped me get rid of that, also. I can’t speak highly enough of Marty and his healing work. Give him a try. You won’t be sorry! Skye M.

Marty Kestin has been helping to heal my family for almost 12 years.  He has worked on athletic injuries and silly injuries and embarassing injuries.  He helped my then 9 year old son recover from a sprained back, along with many other varied athletic injuries.  He helped my daughter with menstrual difficulties, along with a whiplash recovery.  He has helped my husband with elbow and back issues.  Personally, Marty has helped me with back problems, neck problems, hip problems – all different kinds of pain.

Saying that Marty has helped us heal is an understatement.  Marty is a gifted diagnostician, who knows the body so well that he will work to trace through to the underlying cause, almost always identifying a problem that was not part of our pain awareness.  As a healer, Marty is also proactive with his clients in their own healing, offering self-treatment and exercise suggestions to continue the improvement.  Marty’s goal with each client is to get them to a point where they don’t need his services to be pain free, and that is a rare attitude in today’s world.
Marty also continues to seek education and training in his field, so that his methods employ the best possible techniques for healing.  Our family has been blessed to have Marty as a go to resource for our health needs.
Mary Ann Taylor

We are very grateful to Marty for helping my husband get through a very challenging time in his life. Besides his obvious professional healing capabilities, (and he really knows his stuff and is good at what he does,) it was his moral support that was so appreciated and helpful. He is friendly, but not too invasive into our privacy. He is very flexible and generous – schedule-wise and with the fee.  He is open to learning new things, which I suspect is what made my husband more relaxed with Marty, feeling that he had what to give, too! My husband now considers him a friend, and that’s a big deal!  Devorah L. 11/2015

Joshua – Nov 28, 2011      Marty Kestin saved my vacation! I was in North Carolina with tremendous neck pain when I was put in touch with Marty. He drove out of his way to treat me and after an hour and a half session and following his exercises, I was pain-free within 4 days.

Caroline ‎ – Oct 23, 2011

Pain-free and running for the first time in years! I have had chronic back pain since I sustained an injury playing soccer in 1998. I have been to see many doctors, physical therapists, and trainers, but none have given me such immediate and sustaining relief as Marty Kestin. When I first started working with Marty in April 2011, I had been experiencing shooting pain down my legs for 4 months (one of the many manifestations of my back pain). I had tried everything to relieve the pain and nothing was working. Marty immediately diagnosed the pain and sent me simple exercises and stretches to do based on his assessment. After doing the exercises just one time, my pain decreased significantly and my back released. I do the exercises every day and I’ve experienced incredible results: my leg pain has dissipated; my back pain has almost completely gone away; and I ran in my first 5K last week since 2004 with no pain. I have not felt this good on a consistent basis in many years. Marty truly is a miracle worker and I would highly recommend him!

For over a year I had been experiencing intermittent pain and numbness in my right arm. Many practitioners from different healing modalities had tried to help me, but to no avail. In only three sessions Marty had remedied the numbness and the pain is greatly diminished. I believe Marty has a very comprehensive and unique vision of the body which enables him to be a very successful healer. But, not only is he a gifted practitioner, he is an extremely competent teacher. He thoroughly explains why and how the symptoms are being created. He empowers you first with knowledge and then with exercises to help alleviate pain and create strength going forward. It is obvious that he believes in the body’s ability to heal itself because he empowers the individual with the knowledge and understanding to be a participant in their own curing process. -C.J. Lawing.

“Marty Kestin dramatically decreased my recovery time from a foot fracture. He    supplies the missing link to the healing process.  His knowledge and experience are obvious.” Edward  Szachowicz,   M. D.

As an avid long distance triathlete and runner I seem to always have some sort of ache from doing just a bit too much. Marty eliminated my IT band problems with massage, trigger point therapy and exercises. The exercises are key and as long as I do them my IT bands are happy. They remind me when I stop for awhile! Marty is also helping me with plantar fasciitis which I have had for quite some time. It is getting better with his help and again, exercises! I highly recommend a visit if you have any pain!  Colleen, May, 25, 2011

As you can see, Marty has many testimonials about helping people on the road to living a pain free life.  I could write a similar testimonial, but I want to take a different tack.

My experience over the years with the medical profession has shown me that most, not all, of these well meaning caregivers have a myopic view of treating pain.  They find out where it hurts and treat the symptoms, often with a “cure” from the pharmaceutical system (spelled “industry”).  Some of these prescription drugs have horrific side effects, which can be worse than the problem they are designed to cure.   Next time you listen to a drug advertisement on TV, close your eyes and listen to the disclaimers.  These doctors are not looking for cause and effect, but only alleviating or preventing the symptoms.   They mean well, but they don’t always look at the big picture.  There is a delicate balance between receiving medical care that is needed and surviving unnecessary treatments, surgeries, procedures or prescriptions.  I have learned that I must be in charge of my health and must become knowledgeable about my condition.  It took me sixty years to figure this out.

In my case, I had a chronic pain in my knee that had been bothering me for a few months.  My orthopedic doctor, after examining me, taking x-rays and an MRI, diagnosed a torn meniscus that I have had for over 40 years with no problems.  He decided that I needed surgery.  I wanted to explore other noninvasive options first.  A friend put me onto the Egosque method, which gave me relief in just three days.  My pain had diminished greatly, but I was not at 100%.  My Pilates instructor referred me to Marty.

Marty listened to my explanation and asked probing questions to uncover more of what was going on.  His holistic approach to my issue helped him uncover the real cause of my knee pain.  My knee pain turned out to be referred pain from nearby muscles.  There are surface problems and surface causes.  These are the ones typically addressed by the medical and pharmaceutical professions.  Then there are root problems and root causes.  That is where Marty’s expertise shines.

Marty empowered me by helping me understand the cause and effect of my pain and by giving me both the information I needed and a plan of self-treatment that I could do at home.  He helped me understand how the impact of our modern living has caused many of the physical and emotional ailments in our lives.  Our conversations have covered a multitude of topics that view the body as a whole and wonderfully designed organism.  When you leave one of his sessions, you have a greater appreciation for the complex interplay of body mechanics, posture, nutrition, work, play, rest, relaxation, muscle massage, proper movement, exercise, emotional health, etc.

I highly recommend Marty if you are experiencing chronic pain and/or if you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.     Bill Mauney

Kathy –
Marty is responsible for turning around my painful back and muscles.  He has taught me exercises and given me tips that have enabled me to be totally off Celebrex and only an occasional Ibuprofen for the first time in several years.  The books, exercises, general tips and lifestyle ideas he has shared with me have been the most help I have received for my back ever.  His massages for my trigger points are the best! I have recommended him and will continue to tell friends how I have been helped.  It is awesome to have someone teach you self care and enable you to learn about your body and reduce the meds you take daily.

I had a problem with chronic plantar fasciitis and was feeling very discouraged.  I had tried various courses of treatment, including shots,  exercises,  orthotics, and so on—all to no avail. A friend told me to try Marty: “I think you need to give him a try.”  I did see Marty, and I am So glad I did!  He gave me a very specific exercise program and did deep massage on my foot for several weekly sessions.  Our initial goal was that I would be able to hike in Colorado two months from our first session.  I held out little hope that I’d be able to do this, but I did do it and had no problems at all!  Since then, I have also danced (a lot!) in heels at my goddaughter’s wedding (and with no orthotics).   I do have to keep up with the exercises and can tell a difference if I let them lapse.  I would certainly recommend Marty to anyone with plantar fasciitis!   Jean C.

“Marty’s approach to my shoulder problem was so unique and effective I invited him to work out of my office.” Jane Green, D.C

“Marty has helped me with 2 major concerns; pain in my forearm and elbow from computer over use and post-surgical foot problems. He has given me exercises and therapy to greatly relieve these problems.  I have been impressed by his knowledge and concern about my overall health. I highly recommend Marty to my patients.             Joseph Steiner, DDS

My knees have been hurting forever. I tried many different therapists and none helped alleviate the problem. I saw Marty two times. He analyzed the problem and taught me a few exercises. The exercises helped almost immediately. Six months later, I continue the exercises and my knees are getting better all the time. Thank you so much Marty Kestin. Walter S.  may 23, 2001

Pain free‎    Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User –
Marty is indeed a miracle worker! I had been given no hope of returning to normal activities and pain free by doctors and multiple other therapists until Marty worked on my back. Not only did Marty bring immediate relief to my back pain, he taught me self care techniques that I had never seen elsewhere and have enabled me to remain pain free without flare ups. I have seen many others for therapy and body work and Marty is by far the best!‎

More then a Massage Therapist      Rated 5.0 out of 5.0
Marty Kestin has worked with me on a variety of pain issues over the last ten years, including recovery from a life changing knee injury, sciatica, and low back pain. What you get with Marty, that you won’t find in many bodyworkers, is a blend of eastern and western healing philosophy, and a perspective that is based on intense study, and rigorous training in a number of healing traditions, including but not limited to, bodywork, alignment therapy, and holistic nutrition. Marty’s goal in therapy is to help his clients feel better all the time, not just for a few hours after they leave his studio. If you have chronic pain, or just want to feel better and learn more about how to maintain your health long-term, I urge you to set-up an appointment with Marty, and come see why everyone he treats raves about him. Marty is much more then a massage therapist, he is a master healer.‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0  By Lucy –
I have suffered with a serious elbow injury since 2007. I had two cortisone injections and physical therapy but still had a great deal of pain in the area surrounding the joint and the area above the elbow joint. Marty Kestin was the first person who LISTENED to where I was feeling pain. He quickly and correctly diagnosed the area of my elbow and my arm that needed treatment. Marty asks his clients to be active participants in their treatment program by reading the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and following an individualize self-care program. I am pain free and back to my normal activities thanks to his skills both as a listener and a practitioner.‎

Trigger point expert
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Subra –
Over the past year, Marty has helped me a lot to relieve me of my tendonitis and myofascial pain. He was able to accurately pinpoint trigger points and worked on them diligently to release them. He also taught me postural exercises to relieve my pain and strengthen my muscles. His knowledge of trigger points and pain relief is amazing and has taught me a lot about my own body awareness. I have been recommending Marty to all my friends since then.‎

Seeing all these other reviews, you might think that Marty Kestin is too good to be true… All I can say is that I echo these accolades and challenge you to see it for yourself! My daughter, age 14, had some shoulder issues that couldn’t be addressed by her pediatrician. The doctor recommended we work with Marty, and now, my daughter has full range of motion and is pain free! I was so impressed that I began working with Marty for a torn meniscus and hip pain. As long as I follow the plan Marty set forth, I remain pain free. THE KEY IS EDUCATION– Marty teaches you to care for yourself and learn about your own body.‎ Annonomous

Pain free without surgery‎ By Tyler – Feb 25, 2010

After several years of chronic hip pain and seeing various orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, I was finally diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement syndrome. The treatment for FAIS is surgery and a long recovery. Not wanting nor having time for the surgery and recovery, I put it off and lived with the daily pain. I found Marty and started seeing him on a weekly basis and doing his prescribed exercises daily at home. Within a few months, my hip pain was gone. I now see Marty once a month, and that, in conjunction with daily self-care exercises, has eliminated my hip pain.‎

Pain free‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User
Marty is a miracle worker, he keeps me moving. His techniques and “homework” has really made a difference in how I feel. My rotator cuff muscles feel 100% better than before. Will always depend on Marty to keep me pain free.‎

Pain free‎ By eeclark

Marty is indeed a miracle worker! I had been given no hope of returning to normal activities and pain free by doctors and multiple other therapists until Marty worked on my back. Not only did Marty bring immediate relief to my back pain, he taught me self care techniques that I had never seen elsewhere and have enabled me to remain pain free without flare ups. I have seen many others for therapy and body work and Marty is by far the best!‎

Marty and Ensoma‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User –
Marty has helped me tremendously. Many of my pains were relieved after several visits. Just have to keep up with the exercises he gives you – it’ll make the healing process much better and much quicker!! He’s not only great at relieving pain, but also gives a mean massage.‎

Ensooooooma… It’s so good!‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User –
Wow! I love working with Marty. I started because of knee issues (which are so much better). My full range of motion in my knee has returned. I am now working on a shoulder problem that I believe was misdiagnosed by a trainer prior to working with Marty. The real benefit with Marty (besides his ability to find exactly where the pain is coming from… and his wondrous massage and trigger point therapy!)… is the fact that he has taught me self care techniques that really make a difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I am so intrigued and excited about the information that he provides and his awareness of what is truly going on in my body.
Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!‎ Great results fast!!‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User –
I have been working with Marty for just over a month now on a couple of different issues. Marty is so knowledgeable about how all the muscles and bones are connected enabling him to get to the source of the problem. He has explained to me in terms I can understand how my alignment problems have affected various muscles and offered exercises I can do at home to help strengthen and stretch those muscles to correct these problems. My foot problems were causing some knee pain and this pain was almost immediately eliminated with a couple of treatments. I am very excited to continue to work with Marty. He is a great body worker!!‎

Marty and Ensoma‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User –
Marty has helped me tremendously. Many of my pains were relieved after several visits. Just have to keep up with the exercises he gives you – it’ll make the healing process much better and much quicker!! He’s not only great at relieving pain, but also gives a mean massage.‎

After treatment from an orthopedist and a physical therapist last year for a back injury, I was still unable to exercise and complete household tasks such as painting and yard work.  After working on a regular basis with Marty and completing postural exercises at home, I am now able to spend a day working in the yard and will be completing my first 10k soon! Thank you! —Randi

I just started working with Marty to address issues with my shoulder and back and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I am feeling so much better, I can’t believe how well these exercises work. I can sit and not have pain at rest, something I did not believe was possible just a few days ago. It’s amazing! I wake up in the morning looking forward to doing the  (special) exercises Marty recommended and I’m already awaiting our next session to learn more.
Maggie Hope

Wanted to let everyone know we just had a sick visit (runny nose, sneezing, and coughs) w our pediatrician  and I informed her about the head/face/ear massage Marty Kestin taught me to do w my two year old son, Sammy. I mentioned Marty to the doc because I’ve been doing this massaging with both boys for about the last two months hoping to prevent future ear infections. I feel strongly Marty’s teachings along with chiropractic care and fish oil have prevented ear infections this time. I am thrilled my boys tolerate the massaging and respond so well. Marty worked with Sammy in a playful setting and on the massage table to ensure Sam’s comfort level. Avoiding the pain and discomfort associated with ear infections means a lot around my house. We are all benefiting from Mart’s work. No crying, no ear pain, no sleepless nights, happy children, and happy parents.
Stephanie Bloom

I was referred to Marty by my Pilates instructor. I have for a long time had issues with tension, tightness and pain in my neck, hip and lower back. I also had a very bad arch in my left foot that required custom orthotics and caused me to walk with my left foot turned slightly outward. I am a physically active baby boomer and found that as a result of these various conditions, I was enjoying physical activity, including golf, skiing and working out at the gym less and less. It had gotten so that after a round of golf I was stiff for a day and rarely felt good playing two days in a row. My back and neck were hurting when I sat at my desk at work for extended periods and driving my car over any distance at all became very uncomfortable.

When I first saw Marty, we spent some time discussing my physical issues and my exercise and work habits. He promised that if I worked with him for a while and performed the self care exercise and postural correction exercises that he would give me, we could make some major improvements in my well being. The keys were that we would need to work on it regularly and that I would need to do my “homework”. As a typical baby boomer who wants to feel that I am forever young, I was up for the challenge.

Marty was right. After a year and a half of work, sometimes seeing him once a week and sometimes once a month, and religiously performing my stretching and postural exercises, I feel at least 5 years physically younger. I am making a turn with my golf swing that I couldn’t do when I was forty. (I still can’t putt. I don’t think Marty has a cure for that.) I feel so much better about the aging process and that I have a plan for continuing to be very active as I continue to age. Obviously I recommend Marty highly. He really knows his stuff. Steve Hope  Charlotte, NC

Marty is an awesome massage therapist … “He has MAGIC hands”!!  The first several times I went to him, I was so sleep deprived, that I went to sleep during the session .. I was so relaxed!!  The posture exercises he has me doing has helped me learned to “relax” and is helping my muscles “re-learn” how they are suppose to support my skeletal system.  I have decreased in the medications I am taking because of that.  My goal is to be pain free!! Thank you, Marty!!    Susan Lipsey

Hi Marty-I just wanted to give you an update on my knees.  Since working with you, I am able to bend both knees to their full range and squat down to the ground with virtually no pain.  I have been able to once again participate in yoga and pilates.  I am really happy with what you were able to do for me and I thank you.      Sincerely, Julie Byrd

I have suffered with a stiff neck and headaches off and on for several years. The postural exercise along with neuromuscular treatment having eliminated my headaches and I have not suffered for months.

Debbie Carmazzi

I was facing my 3rd knee surgery. I did not want to take pain medication and hoped to help my body heal itself. Then the headaches started. I knew something was going on with my body more than problems with my knees. Then I scheduled an appointment with Marty Kestin.

I walked in expecting a massage. Instead, I spent well over an hour talking, walking, trying exercises, and answering questions. He never touched me but I walked out of his office feeling better! He asked me how much I would commit to doing prescribed exercises. I told him I had run out of options. Long story short, for 3 weeks I have followed his advice, performed my exercises twice daily, drinking lots of water and getting more sleep. I feel great!  For the first time, I got out of bed without limping! My knee pain has diminished 75%.

I am thankful for the relief Marty has helped me to achieve. My gait has changed, people are commenting on my posture and noting that I am not limping. Mostly, I feel so much better.  The pain management I have accomplished with Marty’s help has improved my quality of life and will continue to improve in time with my commitment to following his prescriptions and living healthy. Master Sylvia Daniel,certified Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido Instructor

I have been a sufferer of chronic back pain for over 20 years. I have been treated by various physicians and therapists through the years. I have been prescribed various pain medications and taught many different core exercises – all in an effort to alleviate my painful back symptoms. I had almost immediate and long lasting pain relief after beginning to work with Marty. His combination of  postural exercises and Neuromuscular Therapy have cut my “normal back pain episode” recuperation time in half. Also, another added benefit to Marty’s care is the potential long-lasting affects the exercises can have. If you are faithful to doing the prescribed exercises – your potential for further pain is greatly reduced. The exercises are so simple, can be done anywhere and do not require any equipment. I now normally complete my workouts in a matter of minutes vs. hours and feel 100 times better!! I highly recommend Marty Kestin’s therapeutic care. Tom Kearns

I have suffered low back pain for over 20 years.  During that time, I have grown very dissatisfied with chiropractors and physical therapists.  Sometimes they made me feel better, some times worse, but I never really gained any confidence that they would ever be anything other than a band-aid the next time my back went out.

During my last low back episode, a friend recommended Neuromuscular and postural Therapy and I scheduled a session with Marty Kestin.   Marty took the time to listen to my history and symptoms and developed a program to reduce pain, build strength and correct my posture.  The program and methods have improved my low back to the point where I am able to be more active and not have to worry about my back going out on me all the time.  Marty did for me in a very short period of time what chiropractors and physical therapists couldn’t do in years.
Greg Thomas

Marty really made a huge difference for me.  He did a very thorough job of evaluation, and he was excellent at explaining the root of my knee pain to me.  His hands on bodywork was both skillful and effective, and the exercises he designed for me have helped me remain pain free. Thanks Marty! David Nelson

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